Text : Tam Syarif, Photos : Andy Setyawan.


X-9 is the original and signature helmet by Trooper Custom which has officially been certified as safe and SNI Certified. The X9 is unique in offering durability, comfort, style and safety while riding.

The X-9 is made from Fiber Composite which is a more lightweight and strong material.

X9 has its own individual modern-classic look that goes well with any style and for all occasions.

Each X-9 features a special visor. Our visor is built using polycarbonate for the lens and an elastic strap using a light silicon material for improved adhesiveness to avoid any slippage.

Further additions to the new X-9 include three snap buttons with universal sizing that are compatible with any peak, whether it is peak from our brand or any universal sized peak.

The X-9 offers 3 distinct colors which are Gunmetal Matte, Glossy Black, Glossy White and any colors you want to customize it.