Text : Tam Syarif, Photos : Andy Setyawan.


Trooper Custom officially release its original bicycle helmet called Myden. Myden has its own character with classic look originated design by Trooper.

Myden began as the first cycling helmet produced by Trooper Custom. It was an interesting and new undertaking that expanded upon our love of sports.

Myden boasts a bold, classic shape with a simple touch and an elegant look.

Myden released with 4 basic colors which is Bali Blue, Party Yellow, Lava Orange, Tokyo

Pink, but Trooper can make Myden special for each of you want Myden with your own special design or special color.

Myden Helmet is making safety cycling while you get moving. We believe to empowering people to strolling around their cities on a bike, board, scooter in style and safely.

We build our movement closer to communities by travel more comfortable and lead healthier lifestyles.