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Myden : 1st generation bicycle helmet by Trooper Custom

by trooper • 25th June 2021

Text : Tam Syarif, Photos : Andy Setyawan.   Trooper Custom officially release its original bicycle helmet called Myden. Myden has its own character with classic look originated design by Trooper. Myden began as the first cycling helmet produced by Trooper Custom. It was an interesting and new undertaking that expanded upon our love of […]


by trooper • 24th May 2021

Text : Tam Syarif, Photos : Andy Setyawan.   X-9 is the original and signature helmet by Trooper Custom which has officially been certified as safe and SNI Certified. The X9 is unique in offering durability, comfort, style and safety while riding. The X-9 is made from Fiber Composite which is a more lightweight and strong […]


by trooper • 16th March 2021

A Story Of Trooper Custom Text : Tam Syarif, Photos : Trooper Custom Archives, Azcha Tobing, Andy Setyawan.   We want to take a look back at what happened in 2015, a short history about how Trooper was able to hit the road up and our story up until today. There is nothing wrong with a […]